For the Foresight Witch, see Aiko Chikushi.

Aiko Gagada
Aiko Gagada



Gagada Aiko


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Chapter 60

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Episode 7 (name)

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Aiko Gagada (我々田愛子 Gagada Aiko) is a stereotypical witch that Ryu Yamada and Miyabi Ito visited during their hunt for the seventh witch.[1]


Aiko's Introduction

Aiko's Appearance

Aiko is a girl of average height, having been describe to look like a stereotypical witch. She has light-colored hair in a bowl-like cut style. Her eyes appear to have bags under them and are shaded by her bangs and her fingernails are noticeably long.

Her uniform consists of a black long-sleeved vest, a white collared shirt and a plaid skirt. She also wears a black bow tie, black knee socks and white leather shoes.[1]


Aiko is a rather quite individual, preferring to stay in class. She has a hobby of fortune-telling and enjoys it so much that she read's Miyabi's future.[1]


Witch Hunting Arc

Aiko reading Miyabi's future

Aiko reading Miyabi's future

Aiko was among the students listed to have been troubled and/or have been in involved in accidents, who were suspected to be the seventh witch. When Ryu and Miyabi enter her classroom, she is seen in her chair with various objects related with the occult. As Miyabi approaches her, Aiko asks her that she is taking a survey of student activities. She stands up inquiring her if she wants to have a happy future, as she states that she studies fortune-telling for fun and after reading her fortune, she claims that Miyabi has an evil spirit following her, shocking her and Ryu. The two then leave, claiming that she is too "happy" to be the seventh witch.[1]


Various Witch objects: She owns various Witch-related objects, used for her hobby of fortune telling. Among these items include: a crystal ball, a skull with a candle on top, books, an hourglass, a pocket watch and a wooden staff.[1]


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