Chapter 110 cover
(ダサ・・・。, Dasa....)
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Release Date: May 21, 2014
Volume: 13
Chapter: 110
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Lame... is the 110th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

After helping Aiko on several missions, Ryu is told that this will be the last time they work together, as she lands a kiss on his lips and erases Kotori's power. At the same time, Toranosuke appears and reveals a shocking discovery to Ryu regarding the Seven Witches.


Rescuing two girls

Rescuing two girls

In the Student Council room, Toranosuke reveals to Jin and Midori that a new Witch has been located, Aiko Chikushi. He then wonder what Ryu is up to, the scene quickly changing to falling wood and two girls being saved by Ryu and Aiko in disguise. After striking a pose and questioning if they are injured, they bid farewell, leaving the two girls confused. After reaching a seemingly empty area, the two remove their masks, with Aiko confessing that Ryu has been a great help. As they run off elsewhere, Urara and Miyabi pass by, pondering the meaning behind his costume. The following day, during lunch brake, Toranosuke brings Shobami with him, asking Kotori if they could be friends. Albeit, Kotori puts down Satori and greets him herself, shocking Toranosuke. However, she soon gets up and tells the latter that she has something to tell him about the Witches. Meanwhile, in the Aiko's fortune reading room, Jin arrives asking for a personal reading, handing over 1000 Yen. She gives him the cup of water, leading her to see into his future. She tells him that a savior will soon appear, making him happy as he claims that he will be able to sleep. However, once he leaves, Aiko hurries Ryu to get ready, as Jin will be attacked by the gang of thugs they attacked previously.

Once they arrive at the scene and are changing into their costumes, Aiko kisses Ryu, informing him that this will be the last time they will be working together. Aiko leaves a shocked Ryu behind, which leads the gang members to grab him, but before they are able to punch him, Toranosuke, in disguise, kicks the male, sending him far away. With their boss on the ground, the gang leaves. Seconds later, Toranosuke removes his mask and tells Ryu that his search for the Witches ends here. Jin blushes at the identity of his savior, while Aiko parts way with Ryu. Back at the Student Council office, Toranosuke explains to Ryu that Kotori revealed to him that Nancy and the other Witches were around before the ceremony took place. Shocked, Ryu is told that they should be looking for a different set of Seven Witches.

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  • When Toranosuke approaches Kotori, she introduces herself and claims that she is in class 3-G, although she is actually in class 2-E.


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