In The Abyss
Chapter 112 cover
(奈落の底だろ。, Naraku no soko daro)
Chapter Information
Release Date: June 3, 2014
Arc: Winter Break Arc
Volume: 14
Chapter: 112
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She Does Have a Nice Body
10 Years Too Early

In The Abyss is the 112th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Nancy brings the Body Swapping Witch Momoko Seishuin to Ryu, who kisses her and copies her ability. After doing so, Toranosuke is quick to kiss Ryu and switch bodies with him. Shortly enough, everyone switches bodies. Ryu then leaves to find Urara, who agrees to go on a date with him.


Ryu is forced to kiss Momoka

Ryu is forced to kiss Momoka

Momoko arrives to the Student Council office, greeting everyone and quickly grabbing Ryu to pull him in for a kiss. Meanwhile, Nancy and Toranosuke cheer from the side. Nancy announces that the Body Switching power has been copied, with Midori noting how nice Momoko turned out to be. Before taking Momoko and leaving, Nancy yells at Toranosuke for accusing her of poor behavior. Shinichi and Nene watch from the side, noting how much the two have been arguing lately, while Jin angrily bites his nails. Midori questions Ryu's decision to copy the power, only to be told that he needs to to switch with Urara in order to have her take his exam. Subsequently, they begin to talk about the power, with Toranosuke getting up and kissing Ryu to test if anything has changed. Eventually, the entire group begins to switch bodies; however, the power seems to be the same. Ryu then runs out of the office, finding Urara and shyly asking her to switch bodies with him.

Urara agrees to skip out on Cram School

Urara agrees to skip out on Cram School

Urara leans in to kiss him, catching him off guard. She eventually leaves the room after telling him to take some materials to a room, along with a key. She also announces that they should switch bodies again, leading Ryu to notice how much she seems to enjoy it, only to be told that it is because they were able to talk after so long. Meanwhile in the Student Council office, Midori informs Nene that Ryu will not be able to switch bodies with the others today, angering her. At the same time, Ryu talks to Urara outside of school, thanking her for passing the exam. He also informs her that he has a day off today. Urara informs him that she has Cram School, but he simply tells her to skip it for a day. With a warm smile, she agrees and heads off with Ryu. In the Student Council office, Nene complains about the mess Ryu left behind, while the others continue to enjoy themselves.

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