I might get dumped, huh?
Chapter 163 cover
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Chapter Information
Release Date: June 17, 2015
Arc: Second Witch War Arc
Chapter: 163
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Blamed me for the whole underwear thing!!
I want you to touch me...

I might get dumped, huh? is the 163rd chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.


At the Student Council Room, the group gathers there as Ryu tells them about the past the he recovered: the fact that he was friend with Nene and had searched for the witches once before with her, Ushio, Sora, and Nancy. After some words from the angry/confused Miyabi and Kentaro, Shinichi asks Ryu for his resolve. Ryu confirms that even though he doesn't want to deny the past, he won't allows the Shogi Club to destroy what he and his friends have now in the present, which makes everyone happy. They all agree that the Shogi Club must be stopped, with Miyabi adds that she is still under Masamune's spell. After the gathering ended, Urara asks Ryu for some moments with her.

While walking together, Ryu gives Urara some insight about the ceremony: although he is sure that he wasn't a Witch Killer during the first year, there are still some memories that are missing. However, Urara asks him a shocking question about who is Ryu going to choose between her and Sora. The question causes Ryu to be unsure about himself, causing him to ask her for more time until he can recover all his memories. Still, he believes that in the end he will choose her. Although she feels sad that she might get dumped, Urara allows him some more time but not without teasing him that she might find a new boyfriend, causing Ryu to panic comically.

Elsewhere, Nene is having a conversation with Ushio and is shocked by his claim that they used to be couple. Ushio says that when she lost her memories, she lost all her feeling for him as well. Refusing to believe it, Nene back ups her claim that he is still missing his memories and not even Ryu was able to recover all of them. However, she is surprised by the appearance of Yuri who tells her that he heard everything from Sora before she lost her memories.

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