You're scared!
Chapter 174 cover
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Release Date: September 17, 2015
Chapter: 174
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You're a stalker, aren't you?!
You're looking for a secret notebook!

You're scared! is the 174th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.


At the Miyamura Household, Leona is shocked that Toranosuke has lost his memories of Ryu once again. Calming herself down, she tells her brother to carefully listen to her following words.

The next day, Urara is confirming Ryu's birthmark on his back like the diary said. After joking about checking "strange thing between his leg", Urara says that she is glad that she found the diary. She then ask Ryu to walk home with her that evening in order to confirm their relationship which he agrees to. Later, Ryu is having lunch with Ushio and Noa on the roof which he expresses that he is happy that Urara believes him and perheps this is for the best. Hearing this, Noa decides to tease Ushio by suggesting him to meet up with Nene, causing Ushio to blush and refuse to do it.

Later while waiting for Urara, Ryu witnesses Nancy leaving the building with Sid and two new friends. Their conversation revealed that this time she and Sid formed a group of band for real and is now heading off to practice at Karaoke. Seeing Nancy's smiling face, Ryu silently feels happy for her meaningful life as they head off. Around this time, Urara has finished her club activity and the two walk along the street while reminiscene their afterschool activities which includes visting their favorites bookstore and Urara's obession with stationaries. Before the two parts away, Urara asks for Ryu to kiss her as the diary said that they did it a lot. Although she couldn't recall her memories, Urara believes that the kiss has confirmed her that she did have feeling for him. However, their happy time is interupted by the distraught Shinichi who pleads Ryu to help him with the problems caused by the witches..

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