Care for a Bean-Jam Bun?
Chapter 99 cover
(あんパン食べますー?, An pan tabemasu~?)
Chapter Information
Release Date: February 26, 2014
Volume: 12
Chapter: 99
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Her Jugs are Ginormous!
Really Pissed Off

Care for a Bean-Jam Bun? is the 99th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Nene wants to understand Tsubasa's power, which leads her to watch the Witch from afar. Meanwhile, Jin and Midori show Ryu and Shinichi possible Witches.


Ryu and Nene denote that a new Witch power has been born, prompting the latter to announce that they must inform Toranosuke as quickly as possible; banging her head on the wooden box as she tries to get up and allowing Ryu to see her panties. Tsubasa looks to the side, hearing noises, but quickly turns her head around. Nene and Ryu return to the Student Council, informing Toranosuke and Shinichi of their discovery. As he questions what to name it, Toranosuke asks if it is something similar to Submission, leading him to nod. Before they can proceed further, Toranosuke announces that Jin and Midori have found a new Witch, using the new method of searching for students who have undergone drastic changes rather than searching trouble students. However, Nene insist that they further their understanding on the Submission power, but Ryu stops her, reminding her that they must put a shield up quickly. After understanding, Ryu and Shinichi head towards Jin and Midori's location.

Jin and Midori looking for Witches

Jin and Midori looking for Witches

They find the two hiding, announcing that the Witch will show herself soon enough, prompting Ryu to conceal himself along with Jin and Midori. A tall girl comes into view, and Jin takes out a chart that shows how much she has grown since starting at Suzaku High School. However, they explain to the two that, that is not what they meant by "sudden change." That leads them to a different girl, who suddenly became popular. They eventually give up, but Toranosuke sends Shinichi a message, telling them to continue searching. They do, but by the end of the week, they do not find any Witches. After arguing, Ryu heads elsewhere, finding Nene watching Tsubasa from afar. She explains to Ryu that the game Tsubasa mentioned ended three days ago, and they won, but Tsubasa still has them under her power. Watching as she orders her teammates around, Ryu realizes that she seems different.

Nene also recalls that their powers had limitations, but Tsubasa seems to be able to use her power as much as she wants. They note that if she continues to use her powers, she will eventually leave school once she loses them. Nene asks Ryu if they can save her.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ryu Yamada
  2. Nene Odagiri
  3. Jin Kurosaki
  4. Tsubasa Konno
  5. Shinichi Tamaki
  6. Toranosuke Miyamura
  7. Midori Arisugawa
  8. Ogawa

Abilities used

Witch Powers

Witch Killer Powers

  • None


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