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Ryu Yamada
Ryuko Yamada

Copy (コピーKopī), also known as Duplication, is a Witch Killer Power.


By mimicking the way of contact a witch casts their spell, the user can duplicate their power while having the same power used on them at the same time. The user can cast spells on others, as well as the use of a medium if such power is capable of doing so. They can still copy other powers even if they have casted spells on others, which the spells will disappear. An exception to this is with the body swapping power, as the spells casted on others will return once the user returns to their original body.


The user can only use one power at a time and the power will be overwritten if the user obtains another witch power. They must copy the power again if they wish to replace the current. The user will be unable to remove the spells they cast on others if the power they used on them had been overwritten.

Casted Spells

Witch Ability Casted By Status
Urara ShiraishiBody SwappingRyu YamadaErased
Nene OdagiriCharmRyu YamadaErased
Meiko OtsukaTelepathyRyu YamadaErased
Maria SarushimaPremonitionRyu YamadaErased
Noa TakigawaRetrospectiveRyu YamadaErased
Tsubasa KonnoSubmissionRyu YamadaErased
Kotori MoegiMind ReadingRyu YamadaErased
Aiko ChikushiPredictionRyu YamadaErased
Momoko SeishuinBody SwappingRyu YamadaErased
Jin KurosakiTime TravelRyu YamadaErased
Yuri MiuraMind ControlRyu YamadaErased
Sora HimekawaReminiscenceRyu YamadaErased
NancyAmnesia, Witch Detection & Power DetectionRyu YamadaErased
Hikaru SuzuharaCharmRyu YamadaErased
Alex SpencerBody SwappingRyu YamadaErased
Rui TakumaAmnesia, Witch Detection & Power DetectionRyu YamadaErase
Dark TakumaPersonality SwapRyu YamadaActive



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