Emotion Manipulation



Nene Odagiri (formerly)
Tsubasa Konno
Masamune Ichijo
Ryu Yamada (through Duplication; formerly)
Hikaru Suzuhara

Emotion Manipulation is a Witch Power.


The powers allow the user to manipulate the emotions of others, either by enhancing certain ones to sway them to to the user's bidding, or by totally controlling their will in a single order. The power is very effective when spells have been casted on large groups.

There are total of three variations of power seen in the series, all of them involving controlling the victim to some degrees. Nene's power charm the person that was kissed into doing the kisser bidding, but has limitation that it can only be used on those that has feeling toward the kisser and will only obey the orders that won't harm the kisser. Tsubasa's power is a total submission, forcing the one that was kissed to do anything the kisser order in trance-like mode. Masamune's variation however, focusing on provoking the victim's anger and jealousy through a single hand shaking instead of controlling them directly like the former two.




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