The new Light Music Club members
Light Music Club
Notable Members

two unnamed members


Cultural Club

The Light Music Club is a club of Suzaku High School


While the club itself does contain musical instruments and is equiped for such, the club is mainly used as a front and base of operation for Haruko "Nancy" Nijino and Sid, an Amnesia Witch and her Spotter, for monitoring the students and witches of Suzaku Highschool. As such, neither Nancy nor Sid can play instrument and there is no club trip as a result.


Though not specified, the club was formed some time after Nancy met Sid after used the ceremony to erase Ryu Yamada, Sora Himekawa, Nene Odagiri, and Ushio Igarashi's memories at Sora's request. The club's purpose is to protect the witches from the Student Council and prevent them from abusing their powers.

After their memories had been erased, they had actually acquired musical skills and obtained new members.

Current Members

Name Position
Nancy Member
Sid Member



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