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Kotori Moegi
Ryu Yamada
Aiko Chikushi

A medium is an item that is used by the Witches and Witch Killers to use their power without having to kiss the target directly.




Kotori Moegi, the Mind Reading Witch, is the first character known to use a medium for her power, in her case, a small doll similar to herself named Satori (literally means Mind-Reader). Due to the fact that her power is a two-ways power[1] meaning that both she and the person she kisses can read each others mind, using the doll as a medium allows it to become one-way, preventing people from reading her mind, as Sid puts it "a doll doesn't have will", or copying her power.

Later on, after Ryu copied Kotori's power, he uses his Shoba Doll as a medium for his power to read his friends' mind.


A cup of pure water

Aiko Chikushi, the Prediction Witch, is another witch that is shown to be using medium for her forsight power. Her medium is a cup filled with purified water that she gives to her client before beginning her fortunetelling[2]. Presumbly, this is to prevent the suspicion of her witch power due to her seclusive nature.

Notable Characteristics

By using a medium, a witch or Witch Killer can use their power easily without having to kiss the target directly or arousing suspicion among people. The user first kisses the medium and then uses the medium to kiss the victim's face or lip. However, a witch still cannot uses his/her power on a Witch Killer.[3].

List of medium users



An indirect kiss with Nene

  • During the Cultural Festival, Nene Odagiri unknowingly uses Yakisoba Sandwich as a medium for her charm power through an indirect kissing with Ushio Igarashi. However, as her power has varying effects among people, as well as the fact that Ushio always has feeling toward her, neither of them notice the change.


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