Mutta Hagiwara

萩原 六太


Hagiwara Mutta


Male Male

Professional Status



Shogi Club




Shogi Club

Base of Operations

Suzaku High School

Personal Status


Manga Debut

Chapter 117

Mutta Hagiwara (萩原 六太 Hagiwara Mutta) is a member of the Shogi Club. He is later revealed to not be a Witch of Rui's set.




Winter Break Arc

Second Witch War Arc

In the meeting room, Mutta and Kaori are setting up the room for the meeting, watching as the students take a seat to begin the meeting.[1]

The following day, a notice is posted for the entire school to see, which dictates that the current Student Council has been removed from office. Meanwhile, from the side the Shogi Club members watch. Mutta agrees with Masamune's claim that he will be the next President.[2]

As Kaori announces to start strategizing for the election, Mutta along with the boys of the Shogi Club and Masamune head towards the door. She asks them where they are going, with Masamune responding that they will go to the bathroom, as Mutta asks if she would like to come with them. She jokingly calls them gross and accuses them of sexual harassment.[3] He is later revealed to not be a witch and is not under a spell.[4]

Days later, he runs as Ryu and Toranosuke try to catch him. He jumps on top a small building, taunting them. He laughs as Ryu tries to catch him, noting that Ushio told him not to face the two alone. He leaves jumping on another roof, Ryu insults him calling him bald, as he angrily replies that he is not.[5]


Agility: Mutta is able to out run both Toranosuke and Ryu, who were chasing him. He is also able to jump atop of roofs with ease.[5]

Endurance: He is able to keep his breath while running and jumping to a roof with relative ease, while his chasers, Toranosuke and Ryu, were already panting.[5]


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