Gathering of the Seven Witches



Witch Killers

Powers (能力Nōryoku) are the main form of abilities utilized by Witches, Witch Killers and Spotters, found only in Suzaku High School and is kept secret within the school.




All kinds of Powers are used in Suzaku High School and can be used outside of the school grounds.

Casting Spells

In most known cases, the Witches and Witch Killers use their powers that they had gained through kissing. If the power has a lingering effect, then they need to kiss again to cancel the power out. However, the seventh witch activates their power by either hand contact on a single person or by thinking it on a group of people. Some witch can use their power through other means than kissing, such as headbutting and hand shaking.


There are notable cases where there are immunities. Witches have been shown to be immune to the spells of other witches, except for the Seventh Witch's powers, and their own if they were . Witch Killers are not only immune to other witch killers but they are also immune to witches, as well as the Amnesia Power directly, being forgotten by everyone else instead. Spotters and the Akashic Recorder are immune to the Amnesia Power, Spotters by their seventh witch's memory erasing and the Akashic Recorder is completely immune to it.

Risks and Drawbacks

Although the witch powers are indeed powerful, some of them power are noted to have a drawback or risk, possibly to serve as limitation for the power's strength or to prevent power abuse.


There are two main classifications of Powers: Instantaneous and Delayed. Within these two classifications there are many sub categories such as Witch powers, With Killer powers, Spotter powers and Mediums. The spells effects also vary between powers, being either a lingering or a short term effect.

  • Instantaneous: is a type of power that takes effect immediately after casting a spell on someone. The powers under this are usually related
  • Delayed: is a type of power that does not take effect immediately after the spell has been casted, instead taking sometime before the effects start. Powers that are classified as this usually involve with either emotions or memories.
  • Lingering Effect: as its name implies, the spell on a person does not disappear and stays on the recipient. The only way to remove it is for the spell to be lifted or if the witch that casted it has their powers removed.
  • Momentary Effect: as the name implies, the spell on a person disappears after an amount of time has passed. Powers that belong to this are usually related with the users's vision.


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