Kotori Moegi

Satori is a doll medium used by Kotori Moegi.


Satori's appearance is similar to Kotori, albeit wearing a diagonal plaid shirt with a pocket and small shoes. She has buttons for eyes, a stitched smile for her mouth and a flower in her lime green yarn hair. Kotori carries her around always and uses to cast her spells.


Due to the Kotori's power being a two-ways power, both her and the person she kisses can read each others mind, using Satori to kiss the person, either directly or indirectly will allows her power to be one-way only. It is to prevent people from reading her mind, copying her power,[1] and to prevent suspicion from others.


  1. Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo Manga: Chapter 108, Page 2

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