Emotion Manipulation


Tsubasa Konno
Ryu Yamada (through Duplication; formerly)

Submission is a Witch Power and a variation of Emotion Manipulation.


Those kissed by the user will follow the user's commands, they will enter a trance like state and comply with whatever the order they were given. All orders are absolute and are followed even if it may cause harmful effects on the user. Unlike the Charm power, which infatuates the targets, the Submission power diminishes their emotions and forces them to follow the order.

The drawback of submission

Tsubasa after over using Submission.


Although the power has no know drawback, continuous uses can cause mental stress and health problem. An example of this is when Tsubasa had overused her power, having her face appear quite stressed and terrified her.

Casted Spells

Name Casted By Status
OgawaTsubasa KonnoLifted
Female Basketball Team MembersTsubasa KonnoLifted
Nene OdagiriTsubasa KonnoLifted
Tsubasa KonnoRyu YamadaLifted
Toranosuke MiyamuraRyu YamadaLifted
Jin KurosakiRyu YamadaLifted
Urara ShiraishiRyu YamadaLifted



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