Tatsumi Yamada
Tatsumi Yamada

山田 辰巳


Yamada Tatsumi


Female Female

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Elementary Student

Personal Status



Towako Yamada (Mother)
Unnamed Father
Ryu Yamada (Older Brother)
Urara Shiraishi (Sister in law)
Unnamed Nephew(Nephew)
Unnamed Niece (Niece)

Manga Debut

Chapter 33[1]

Image Gallery

Tatsumi Yamada (山田 辰巳 Yamada Tatsumi) is Ryu Yamada's younger sister.




Futuristic Arc

Toranosuke visits Ryu

Tatsumi meets Toranosuke

Witch Hunting Arc

One night in Ryu's room, Tatsumi compliments Nene wishing for her to be her older sister. Shinichi then asks what she thinks about him, she responds that she would rather have Toranosuke to be her older brother, stating that he is a big dork shocking him. Ryu listens to her, stating that he is just has handsome as Toranosuke, she blandly leaves and wishing them fun.[2]

At home, she brings her dishes to the sink, noticing her brother's strange behavior. As he worries about being late for school, she questions him for going early. As he leaves, she thinks on how he has been acting weird lately.[3]

Winter Break Arc

Recovering the Lost Memories Arc

During spring break, Tatsumi and her parents go on a family trip, leaving her brother behind. She teases him, reminding him that his make up exams are tomorrow.[4]

One day Tatsumi and her parents go to visit relatives overnight, leaving Ryu to watch the house.[5]

Appearances in Other Media


Another of the Suzaku Festival: Sing! Dance! Paranormal Research Department!



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