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Urara Shiraishi

白石 うらら


Shiraishi Urara


Female Female


December 24[1]

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Supernatural Studies Club


Supernatural Studies Club President

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Supernatural Studies Club

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Body Swap

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Chapter 1

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Episode 1

Japanese Voice

Saori Hayami

Urara Shiraishi (白石 うらら Shiraishi Urara) is a former witch and one of the major characters in "Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo". She lost her supernatural abilities following the Witch Ceremony conducted by Yamada, in which he erased the powers of the original seven witches. She's currently the president of the Supernatural Studies Club.


Shiraishi is a very pretty girl of average height with blonde hair, brown eyes, large breasts, and a slender figure. She allows her long hair to flow down her back with a pair of X-shaped ornaments protruding from behind her ears, and two large strands hanging over her shoulders that gently frame her delicate features. As noted by Miyamura, she is very attractive and likewise is adored by many boys for her exceptional beauty. Despite her status as one of the prettiest girls in Suzaku High, Urara does not wear makeup and forgoes the use of appearance enhancing products, something that is noted by both Miyabi Ito and Ryu during his time in her body. Like most girls in the series, Shiraishi is usually seen wearing the normal school attire consisting of a white collar shirt with a red and black-striped bow, and a gray plaid skirt with red stripes. In the warmer months, she wears a light tan sweater vest over her shirt, while a black jacket is provided in the winter.

She is usually seen wearing a serious expression, giving off the impression that she is indifferent to the people and events around her.


Before she swapped bodies with Ryu Yamada, Urara Shiraishi is an exceptionally brilliant student known to be cold and asocial, due to her being ostracized by the students of Suzaku High. Because of this, she is initially shown to have jaded views about the educational system and people in general, having been tricked in the past into believing people wanted to be her friends, only to be relentlessly bullied due for her beauty and intelligence. Due to this past incidents, she developed a dislike of people and blatantly refused to apply to college in the future, believing that any more attempts to establish bonds would produce similar results. Despite this she was highly respected by her teachers, who saw her as a model student, and would often praise her impeccable academic performance in their classes.

Her icy exterior slowly begins to melt away one fateful day when she falls down the stairs and kisses Ryu Yamada, accidentally swapping bodies with the school's resident delinquent due to her then unidentified witch powers. Realizing they can use this ability to help improve each others' lives, the two then form a bond that develops over the course of the series, leading both friendless teens to establish bonds with their fellow students and form the Supernatural Studies Club to explore the use of her their paranormal abilities. Her intimate bond with Yamada leads to both of them opening up to other people, prompting Shiraishi to announce her intention to go to college so long as he agrees to stay by her side. As the duo establishes bonds with their fellow club members and new friends, her cold personality mellows considerably.

While she still remains nonchalant and serious most of the time, Shiraishi occasionally shows her warmer side towards Yamada, even expressing very reserved signs of jealousy when he is with another girl. During these times she does not display any outward anger, instead manifesting her irritation by expressing indifference towards him, and making up excuses to avoid spending time with him. However, she is quick to forgive him for any suspected cheating, usually dispensing with her cold behavior once she is able to hear his explanation for herself. Although her body-swapping power could only be activated through a kiss, she outright refuses to do this with anyone else but Yamada, possibly the first implication of her deeper feelings for him. The two eventually start dating, but the process complicated by the fact that they live on opposite sides of town and she attends Cram School every afternoon. Because of their many shared experiences together over the course of time, she is very trusting towards him, even allowing Yamada to search for other witches knowing he will have to kiss them to activate their powers.

Perhaps as a result of her limited social experience, Urara is a straight-shooter of sorts, speaking very bluntly while talking to other people. This is seen most prominently when Yamada devises romantic scenarios in his mind after they agree to date, and she responds by telling him why many of his ideas are not ideal for their arrangement.

Urara is shown to have very little modesty, and she takes a very relaxed stance to nudity. She asks Yamada to take a bath for her after having swapped bodies with him, and later does not mind that Yamada can look right up under her skirt when she (actually Leona in her body) is wearing no underwear. Similarly, she does not seem aware of others' modesty; due to respectively curiosity and practical reasons, she has looked down Yamada's pants and taken off his underwear, not paying regard to his apparent embarassment.

While normally an understanding person, Urara is shown to hold some jealousy toward other girls involved with Ryu. Most of the times she is able to keep them in check, knowing that Ryu will never betray her. However, those feelings greatly overwhelm her once she has fallen under the Provocation Power of Masamune Ichijo, causing her to become clingy and possessive toward Ryu and see Nene as her rival. Nevertheless, her understanding side and morality are stronger than her jealousy: she decides to temporary separte from Ryu for a while rather than hurting him. Also, even though she knows fully well that Ryu might once be romantically involved with Sora Himekawa, Urara wants his memories to be restored for the sake of himself.


Supernatural Studies Club's Restoration Arc

Charming Telepathy Arc

Futuristic Arc

Culture Festival Arc

Witch Hunting Arc

Student Council Formation Arc

Seven New Witches Arc

Winter Break Arc

Near the entrance of the school, Urara waits for Ryu comes to go study with her, she finds him and calls his attention and aks for them to go. Toranosuke, Miyabi and Kentaro then reveal themselves, hiding behind her, shocking Ryu as she continues to smile. He then asks why they are there, with them explaining that they will study with Urara and Ryu as they have final exams coming soon too.[2]

Second Witch War Arc

Current Events


Keen Intelligence: Being the second smartest student in second year.

Former Abilities

Body Swap: Urara's abilities as a witch is Body Swapping which is activated by a simple kiss, resulting in an instant body swap between her and the other person. It is shown that being in her own body is not necessary to perform this ability, as Yamada copying her power is able to perform multiple body swaps in row while occupying different bodies, the person's mind or soul being the main source of the power rather than the person's physical form. One major limitation of her Body-Swap ability is that it will not work on a person who is under the effects of another witch's power, nor does it work on her fellow witches. Additionally, this power came with the risk to her own body as seen when it is taken over by Mikoto Asuka or various stunts by other characters. According to Miyabi Ito, Urara's ability is cataloged into Immediate Reaction, as it does not take time to manifest once the kiss has been administered.

Shiraishi was a member of Rika Saionji's group of Seven Witches at Suzaku High, all of whom lost their powers after Yamada wished for all witch powers to disappear from the school.

Appearances in Other Media


Second Coming of the Suzaku Fest: A Hot Springs Resort! Everyone Gather Up!

In the halls walking, while walking in Ryu's body she is called by Ryu if she had finished. They go to the roof to switch back, which she is thanked by Ryu for doing his test. She states that she didn't mind and that she learned somethings while doing it. She then complies to do his classic literature report. Miyabi then finds them and grabs them as they run to the Supernatural Studies Club room, he asks her why she needs them to which she replies that it's important. As they run through the school coming across their schoolmates.

They finally meet up with Toranosuke as they enter the club room. She listens as Miyabi announces the club's firs big mission. She is asked by Toranosuke as to how much money they have left. She notes that after Miyabi had spent 16,800 yen for a life-sized alien replica, they have 180 yen left. She listens as the others make ideas for them to get more money. Toranosuke explains his plan, and asks Urara to wear the maid uniform, however she refuses slapping him in the face. She continues reading her book as Toranosuke and Ryu argue around her, before Miyabi calls their attention. They then discuss about the Performance Festival and how the grand prize is 50,000 yen. She watches as Miyabi excitingly expresses that she wants another alien, before Ryu announces that he wants an oven for his Yakisoba. Urara reminds Ryu that rather than thinking what they should get with the money, they should discuss how they will win the grand prize.

At the School Clubhouse, they are amazed as Toranosuke explains the other clubs and teams are using the place as well. As Ryu announces that he wants to go to the hot springs first which she agrees with, until she is shocked to see the multitude of clubs and teams there. They are noticed by Nene and Ushio who the former asks them what buisness they have there, which Ryu returns the question. Ushio then asks them what they're going to do for the festival, which she simply keeps a blank expression, with Toranosuke simply states that they're still thinking about it. Their attention is then called by Mikoto, who states that their competition has already planned their performances. She then listens as Mikoto states that the President may have felt uneasy entrusting Nene with everything there, causing her to watch as her friends to nod in agreement. They watch her and Jun leave as, they advised them to keep their act within the bounds of the school's code.

They then head to their room to choose and start practicing on what they should perform. She is asked to do some acts including card towers and magic tricks, the latter exciting the rest of the club much to her confusion. After hours of other suggestions they lay on the floor, still not having nothing to perform. They then decided to take a break. Urara informs Ryu that she can do his report at the moment, asking him to bathe for her. After switching bodies she does his report and finishes it, meeting up with him in the halls. They then switch back, with Urara walking down the halls. In their room Miyabi states on what a nice bath they had, with her agreeing, she then checking her bags. She says goodnight to Miyabi as she turns of the lights. Later with the others, they suddenly realize they still need to have a performance. Hearing the band on the television, Ryu realizes that they can copy it to win, she notes that they need seven members. Ryu then suggest they should get three more to help them, earning her praise.

The next day at the clubroom, she and Miyabi are ordered by Ryu to be in charge of the costumes and stage production. As Urara notes that he's been more energetic, she answers that he probably wants the microwave. Later as Ryu gives up, She notes that should try to get recruit a boy to dance with them. She and Miyabi in Ryu and Toranosuke's bodies respectively, watch from behind some bushes. As they blew their cover, she continues to watch. Listening to what Ryu said. She is shocked to hear that the club in last place will be disbanded. Hearing Ryu's promise she runs to him to switch back, she asks them, as the leader of the club, to help them. After Nene accepts she is happy to know that they will help them.

The next day in the clubroom, she happily eats a bento with Miyabi as Ryu complains that they still need more person. As Ryu screams, Urara and the others faces him in suprise. As he states that he forgot about Tsubaki, she and the others are in just as surprised. After catching Kentaro, they ask him to watch a video on a tablet, asking for his help. She is asked by Kentaro if she is in it, she notifies him that she is and he accepts right after. As they count the members, she gets shocked to hear an eighth member, however is relieved to see it's just Miyabi and her alien replica.

Later she waits outside the Student Council Office with the others. Being informed by Miyabi that the winners for the past years were in the middle of the lineup. She asks Miyabi what the worst place would be, she checks her pad stating it would be dead last. She then hears a scream in the office, as Kentaro and Ushio opens the door to check what happened to Ryu. After she sees their position, she stands beside Toranosuke noting that it was the luck of the draw, continuing to watch him get beaten up.[3]

Another of the Suzaku Festival: Sing! Dance! Paranormal Research Department!


Ryu Yamada: Throughout the chapters, there are many hints that she has feelings for Yamada. She later admits this in Chapter 90, and the two of them begin dating after that.


Sex Appeal
  • She wears E-cup bras.
  • She wears lots of white underwear, but owns black ones as well.
  • Yamada is the only person Shiraishi is willing to swap bodies with or kiss.
  • In a special report, Miyamura does an in-depth analysis of the witches based on his observation. In it, he mentioned Shiraishi and her power, "It's so awesome that I get to enjoy using this power! The risks of using are way too high, though. Shiraishi is pretty and nice, but she only kisses Yamada, which is a bummer. I want in on the fun!".[4]
  • Her design was loosely based on Fairy Tail's Lucy Heartfilia since the mangaka of the series (Miki Yoshikawa) was the former assistant of Hiro Mashima, author of Fairy Tail.


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